Mini Stars I

This class helps develop the basic dance skill of the 3 to 4 year olds through songs and games of dance. Basic ballet intro is taught, without the focus on technique at this young age. Children are also encouraged to express themselves in individual ways through dance. Along with movement skills, the structure of a dance class, (standing in line, waiting one’s turn) is learned. This is a fun and creative environment to introduce your young child to music and movement.

Mini Stars II

This class is designed for the child ages 4 thru 6. Basic dance skills through songs but with more emphasis on technique in both ballet and tap.


Ballet class includes barre work, center floor to include Adagio & Allegro, leaps, turns and progressions across the floor. The class will enhance one’s self-discipline, posture, flexibility, balance, and gracefulness. The class concentrates on terminology and the placement of the body by working at the barre and in the center. The intermediate and advanced levels are highly recommended to take more than one class per week.


For Intermediate/Advanced ballet students only. Instructor’s recommendation only.


A variety of rhythm tap, hoofing, and Broadway techniques are taught. A variety of music styles such as Broadway show tunes, pop,or rock may be used. Classes include warm-up, progressions, and combination drills.


Lyrical and Contemporary dance incorporates jazz and ballet. This form of dance lets the student express their emotions while keeping the classical training. Modern class allows the experienced dancer to improvise creative movement using the technical structure from ballet, but with more radical movements. Students taking this style must also be enrolled in either 2 ballet classes or both ballet and jazz.

Jazz/Musical Theater

Jazz classes include warm-up, progressions, and combination drills. Jazz classes are taught in the style of classical jazz technique and at the teacher’s discretion may vary to the style of lyrical, musical theater, or funky jazz. Music styles will vary to complement the style of jazz being taught.

Hip- Hop

A dance style fusion evolving from ethnic and street dance, class includes warm-up, progressions, turns, and combinations drills. Hip-Hop, Rap, or Pop-Hop music is played


A fun introduction to the basics of tumbling.  Students will learn self confidence as well as body and spatial awareness.  

Combo Class

This class is intended for intermediate/advanced level students. This class will expose students to a new style of dance each week. This class will not have a recital piece.

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